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Getting Started with the SAS System Using SAS/ASSIST Software


When I use the Results item, how do I return from any of the Results windows?
You select File from the menu bar to display the File menu. Then select Close to exit from any of the Results windows.

Can I use a WHERE statement when creating a report using SAS/ASSIST software?
Yes, when you create reports using SAS/ASSIST software, you can select the Subset data item to build a WHERE statement in your report. Refer to Subsetting the Data for an example.

Where can I find more information about creating reports and graphics using SAS/ASSIST software?
Refer to Report Writing and Using the Report Engine for information on creating reports. See Graphics for information on graphics.

How can I create a hardcopy version of my SAS/ASSIST output?
You can create a hardcopy version of your SAS/ASSIST output by selecting File from the Output window's menu bar, and then selecting Print.... See Printing the Report for more information. Alternatively, you can save your output and print it using the Result Manager.

What data analysis tasks can I perform with SAS/ASSIST software?
Select the Data Analysis button on the WorkPlace menu to see a list of data analysis items. Refer to Analyzing Data for instructions on generating a summary statistics report for the active table. You must have SAS/STAT software licensed to use some of the items on the Data Analysis menu.

Can I save the code, created by a task, for use in a future session?
Yes, you can use the Save item to save the programs that SAS/ASSIST software creates and documents each time you perform a task. You can view, edit, and re-execute the saved programs. See Saving Source Code for Editing and Re-execution for more information.

Can I use SAS/ASSIST software with batch processing?
Yes, you can use Batch submit from the Results item on the WorkPlace menu to submit any SAS/ASSIST generated programs directly to your batch system. This enables you to use SAS/ASSIST software as an interface to the SAS System to create applications and then batch submit them without needing to know about batch syntax (such as JCL). Batch processing is available only on OS/390.

Can I edit and execute SAS/ASSIST programs stored in a SAS/ASSIST catalog using the SAS Program Editor window?
Yes, you can use the COPY command in the Program Editor window to copy a catalog entry of type SOURCE into the Program Editor window. Refer to SAS Language Reference: Concepts for more information on the COPY command.

Can I import external files into SAS/ASSIST software?
Yes, refer to Importing and Exporting External Data for instructions.

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