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Getting Started with the SAS System Using SAS/ASSIST Software

Chapter Overview

This chapter describes the graphics capabilities of SAS/ASSIST software. It shows you how to create bar charts, pie charts, plots, and maps.

You can access all of the SAS/ASSIST graphics tasks by selecting the Graphics button from the WorkPlace menu, or by following this selection path from any task window:

The menu that appears depends on your hardware and software. If you are using a graphics terminal or hardcopy device, and you have SAS/GRAPH software licensed, a menu for high-resolution graphics appears. If you are using a nongraphics terminal, a window appears that asks you to choose high-resolution or low-resolution graphics. Select low resolution; a menu for low resolution graphics appears.

The output for the low-resolution graphs is built using characters. The output for the high-resolution graphs uses graphics. The difference between the two menus is that the high-resolution graphics menu also has an item for maps.

Note:   The examples in this chapter use high-resolution graphics.  [cautionend]

Additional Information

For additional information about creating high-resolution graphics, refer to SAS/GRAPH Software: Reference. For additional information about creating low-resolution graphics, refer to the SAS Procedures Guide.

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