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Using Spatial Data with SAS/GIS Software

COPY Statement

COPY <libref.catalog.>entry<.type> </ options> ;


COPY copies a SAS/GIS catalog entry or data set. You can copy a single GIS entry or include the dependent entries and data sets that are referenced by the source.

Note:   If you use PROC COPY or another utility to copy a SAS/GIS catalog entry or data set, you may receive warnings in your SAS log that the paths are not the same. If you receive a message that the paths are not the same, you can use the SYNC statement to reset the paths. See SYNC Statement for more information.  [cautionend]

COPY Statement Optional Arguments

The following list contains descriptions of additional COPY statement arguments:

Specifies the type of GIS catalog entry to copy. Values for type are

This argument can be omitted if a complete, four-level entry name is specified. The following are identical:

Note:   When you specify four-level entry names, type must be the actual SAS/GIS catalog entry extension, for example, GISMAP, not MAP.  [cautionend]

Specifies the destination for the copied catalog entries.

If libref is omitted, WORK is used as the default. Entries are copied to WORK.catalog. If DESTCAT= is omitted, libref defaults to WORK and the catalog to the catalog name of the source being copied. For example, if you are copying MAPS.USA.STATE, and you omit DESTCAT=, the copy of the data set is written to WORK.USA.STATE.

Specifies the destination library for the copied data sets.

If DESTLIB= is omitted, the default libref is WORK.

Specifies that internal pathnames should be cleared in the copied entries.

Specifies that both existing catalog entries and data sets that have the same name as copied entries and data sets should be overwritten.

ALIAS=(old-lib-1=new-lib-1 <, ... ,old-lib-n=new-lib-n>)
Specifies libref translations. The old-lib value is the libref that is stored in the existing catalog entry. The new-lib value is the libref that you want to substitute in the new copy of the entry.

SELECT= specifies which data sets or catalog entries that are referenced by the source entry should be copied. Values for this option are

Copies all dependent catalog entries and data sets. It is equivalent to specifying both ENTRY and DATA.

Copies all dependent catalog entries

Copies all dependent data sets. It is equivalent to specifying SPATIAL, LABEL, and OTHER.

Copies dependent spatial data sets

Copies dependent label data sets

Copies other dependent data sets (besides spatial and label data sets), such as linked attribute data sets

Copies entry dependents as specified, but does not copy the specified source entry.

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