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Using Spatial Data with SAS/GIS Software

File Reference Table

File Reference Table lists the reserved filerefs for each of the different import types, a brief description of the file, and whether the fileref is required or optional when using that import type. For example, to import a Digital Line Graph file, you must allocate the file with a fileref of DLGIN.

Note:   This information can also be found in the SASHELP.GISIMP data set. See The SASHELP.GISIMP Data Set for more information.  [cautionend]

File Reference Table
IMP_TYPE Value Fileref File Description Status

TIGER basic data record Required


TIGER shape coordinate points Required


TIGER index to alternate feature names Optional


TIGER feature name list Optional


TIGER additional address and ZIP code Optional
DYNAMAP GDT1 Dynamap basic data record Required

GDT2 Dynamap shape coordinate points Required

GDT4 Dynamap index to alternate feature names Optional

GDT5 Dynamap feature name list Optional

GDT6 Dynamap additional address and ZIPcode data Optional
DLG DLGIN Digital Line Graph file Required
DXF DXFIN DXF file Required
ARC ARCIN Uncompressed ARC/INFO e00 transport file Required
MAPINFO MIF MapInfo Interchange Format MIF file Required

MID MapInfo Interchange Format MID file Required

For the SASGRAPH and Generic import types, which require that the spatial data be stored in a SAS data set, do not allocate a reserved fileref to indicate the location of the data set. Instead, assign the name of the SAS data set to the INFILE macro variable.

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