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Specifies whether prompts are issued.

Used in: GOPTIONS statement; GDEVICE procedure; GDEVICE Parameters window
Default: device dependent




causes all prompts to be displayed.

suppresses all prompts. NOPROMPT overrides the GWAIT= graphics option.

in the GDEVICE procedure, specifies the level of prompting:

0 provides no prompting
1 issues startup messages only. Startup messages are messages such as PLEASE PRESS RETURN TO CONTINUE.

2 signals end of graph if device is a video display or sends message to change paper if device is a plotter.
3 combines the effects of 1 and 2.
4 sends a message to mount pens if the device is a plotter.
5 combines the effects of 4 and 1.
6 combines the effects of 4 and 2.
7 sends all prom

Note:   If you specify either 0 for the PROMPT device parameter or NOPROMPT in a GOPTIONS statement for a display device, the display clears immediately after the graph is drawn.  [cautionend]

In the GDEVICE Parameters window, the PROMPT parameter consists of four fields that describe the type of prompt:

start up
issues a message to turn the device on (if the device is a hardcopy device) or the message PLEASE PRESS RETURN AFTER EACH BELL TO CONTINUE.

end of graph
signals, usually by a bell, when the graph is complete (valid for video displays only).

mount pens
issues a message to mount pens in a certain order and (for certain devices only) to ask for pen priming strokes for plotters.

change paper
prompts the user to change the paper (valid for plotters only).

Enter an X for each prompt that you want to be given. If no Xs appear in these fields, no prompt messages are issued, and the device does not wait for you to respond between graphs.

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