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Draws a fillable rectangle with opposing corners at (x1,y1) and (x2,y2).

Variables affected: COLOR, FUNCTION, LINE, STYLE, X, Y



%BAR (x1, y1, x2, y2, color, line, style);
%BAR2(x1, y1, x2, y2, color, line, style, width);

Parameter Description
x1, y1 numeric constants or numeric variable names, the x and y coordinates of the lower-left corner of the bar.
x2, y2 numeric constants or numeric variable names, the x and y coordinates of the upper-right corner of the bar.
color literal; the color of the bar. Color can be any SAS/GRAPH color name and must not be enclosed in quotation marks. Use an asterisk (*) to indicate the previously defined value for color.
line numeric constant or numeric variable name; the direction in which to adjust the outline of the bar. Use line values 1 and 2 to offset a particular bar from an axis or adjoining area. Values for line are
0 draw all edges.
1 vertical adjust.
2 horizontal adjust.
3 draw no edges.

See LINE Values for Bars for representations of LINE values.

style literal; the pattern that fills the bar. Values for style are the following bar or block patterns:
a solid fill.
an empty fill.
style<density> a shaded pattern:

style can be R | X | L

density can be 1...5.

See also the discussion of fill patterns for bars and blocks in VALUE=. Note: All parameters must be expressed as values, not variable names.

width sets the size variable and controls the line thickness of the outline around the bar or polygon.

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