Create Annotate data set CITIES from the MAPS.USCITY data set. The unprojected LONG and LAT variable values are converted to radians and substituted for the projected X and Y variable values. LONG and LAT are converted by multiplying them by the arccosine of -1 and dividing that amount by 180. The cities are each assigned a value for the NEWST variable, sequentially beginning at 100.
data cities(drop=state rename=(newst=state));
   set maps.uscity(keep=lat long city state);
   length function style color $ 8
          position $ 1 text $ 20;
   retain function 'label' xsys ysys '2'
          hsys '1' when 'b' newst 100;
   if state=12 and city='Miami' or
      state=25 and city='Boston' or
      state=23 and city='Bangor';
   newst+1; color='blue'; size=10; text='T';
      style='marker'; x=long*arcos(-1)/180;
      y=lat*arcos(-1)/180; output;
   newst+1; color='blue'; size=4;
      text='     '||city;
      position='6'; style='swissb'; output;