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SAS/GRAPH Software: Reference

Bringing SAS/GRAPH Output to the Web


About SAS/GRAPH Software and the Web

About the Output Files Generated for the Web

About the Size of Graphs and Text in GIF Images

Using SAS/GRAPH Web Drivers to Create Web Output

Using the Output Delivery System (ODS) with SAS/GRAPH Software

About Drill-down Graphs

Customizing Web Pages for Drill-down Graphs

Creating Java Applets and ActiveX Controls

Animating GIF Files (DEV=GIFANIM)

Example 1: Using the HTML and WEBFRAME Device Drivers

Example 2: Using ODS with SAS/GRAPH Software

Example 3: Using a Web Driver to Generate a Drill-down Graph

Example 4: Using ODS to Generate a Drill-down Graph

Example 5: Customizing a Web Page with a Drill-Down Graph

Example 6: Creating a GIF Animation File

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