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SAS/GRAPH Software: Reference

Example 1: Using the HTML and WEBFRAME Device Drivers

This example shows how to use the SAS/GRAPH device drivers HTML and WEBFRAME. The example specifies DEVICE=WEBFRAME, but you would simply change that to DEVICE=HTML to use the HTML device driver.

Because the example uses BY-group processing, it generates a separate graph for each value of the BY variable, in this case REGION. Graph Generated with DEVICE=WEBFRAME shows how the output looks when file index.html is viewed in a Web browser.

Graph Generated with DEVICE=WEBFRAME


/* This example uses the WEBFRAME driver */
/* You can modify it to use the HTML driver */

/* This is the only line you have to change */
/* to run the program. Specify */
/* a location in your file system. */
filename webdoc 'path-to-Web-server';

/* Set the general graphics environment */
goptions reset=global gunit=pct
         htitle=6 htext=4
         ftitle=zapfb ftext=swiss;

/* Specify the webframe device driver */
/* To use the HTML driver, use device=html */
goptions device=webframe gsfname=webdoc
         transparency noborder;

/* Create data set REGSALES */
data regsales;
   length Region State $ 8;
   format Sales dollar8.;
   input Region State Sales;
West CA 13636
West OR 18988
West WA 14523
Central IL 18038
Central IN 13611
Central OH 11084
Central MI 19660
South FL 14541
South GA 19022

/* Sort data by the BY variable */
proc sort data=regsales;
by region;

/* Run the GCHART procedure */
title1 'Regional Sales';
proc gchart data=regsales;
   vbar3d state / sumvar=sales
   by region;

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