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SAS/GRAPH Software: Reference

About this Book

This book provides reference information for all facilities, procedures, statements, and options that can be used with SAS/GRAPH software. This chapter describes what you need to know to use SAS/GRAPH software, and what conventions are used in text and example code. To gain full benefit from using this book, you should familiarize yourself with the information presented in this chapter, and refer to it as needed.


This book is written for users who are experienced in using SAS System software. You should understand the concepts of programming in the SAS language, and you should have an idea of the tasks you want to perform with SAS/GRAPH software.


The following table summarizes the SAS System concepts that you need to understand in order to use SAS/GRAPH software:

To learn how to Refer to
invoke the SAS System at your site instructions provided by the SAS Software Consultant at your site
use base SAS software

use the DATA step to create and manipulate SAS data sets

use the SAS Text Editor to enter and edit text

SAS Language Reference: Concepts or SAS Language Reference: Dictionary
allocate SAS data libraries and assign librefs

create external files and assign filerefs

documentation for using the SAS System under the operating system for the hardware at your site
manipulate SAS data sets using SAS procedures SAS Procedures Guide

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