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The GREPLAY Procedure

GROUP Statement

Creates groups of entries in the current input catalog.


GROUP entry-id(s);

Required Arguments

is the number or name of a catalog entry that contains graphics output. All of the entries that are specified in the GROUP statement are included in a single group with a group header. You can submit a single entry or a list of entries with a single GROUP statement. A list of entries can contain both entry numbers and entry names.


You can manage and display groups of entries with the DELETE, COPY, and REPLAY statements in the same way that you manage single entries.

Only one group can be created per group statement. The default name for a group header is GROUP. The default description for the group header is *** new group ***. The GREPLAY procedure uses a naming convention to avoid duplicate names. See Duplicate Entry Names for more information on the naming convention.

To change the name (and description) of a group, use the MODIFY statement.

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