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The GREPLAY Procedure

MODIFY Statement

Changes the name, description, and BY statement information of entries or group headers in the input catalog.


MODIFY modify-pair(s);
modify-pair(s) has the following form:
entry-id / entry-description(s)

Required Arguments

entry-id / entry-description(s)
specifies the entry to modify.

is the number or name of a catalog entry, or the number or name of a group of entries in the input catalog. Entries must contain graphics output. Multiple entry-id(s) can contain both numbers and names.

must be at least one of the following:

specifies a character string that can be used for additional information or for BY statement information. Character-string can be up to 40 characters long and must be enclosed in quotation marks. BY statement information appears directly beneath the primary description of the catalog entry.

specifies the new name of the catalog entry for the graph. The maximum length for entry-name is eight characters. If the specified name duplicates the name of an existing entry, SAS/GRAPH software adds a number to the duplicate name to create a unique entry.

Note:   The value for entry-name can be either with or without quotation marks.  [cautionend]

specifies the description of the catalog entry for the graph. The maximum length for entry-description is 40 characters. The description does not appear on the graph.

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