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The GREPLAY Procedure

TCOPY Statement

Copies templates from another catalog to the template catalog or creates a duplicate copy of a template within the template catalog.

Requirements: Assign a template catalog before using the TCOPY statement.
See also: TC statement


TCOPY <template-catalog.>template-entry<.TEMPLATE>;

Required Arguments

identifies the template entry that is to be copied.

is the SAS catalog that contains the template that is to be copied.

is the template entry name.

is the catalog entry type. If a template of the same name already exists in the template catalog, the GREPLAY procedure creates a new name.
See also: Duplicate Entry Names


To copy a template from another catalog to the template catalog, specify template-catalog as the catalog from which the template should be copied. For example, if you want to copy NEWTEMP.TEMPLATE from the catalog named ONE.TEMPLT to the catalog named TARGET.TEMPLT, use the following statements:

libname target 'SAS-data-library';
libname one 'SAS-data-library';

proc greplay nofs;
   tc target.templt;
   tcopy one.templt.newtemp.template;

To create a duplicate copy of a template, simply omit template-catalog from your TCOPY statement. For example, to create a duplicate copy of a template named NEWTEMP within the template catalog, you could use the following statement:

tcopy newtemp.template;

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