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The GREPLAY Procedure

TREPLAY Statement

Selects one or more catalog entries from the same catalog for replay in template panels.

Requirements: Assign a template catalog and a current template before using the TREPLAY statement.
Alias: TPLAY
See also: TC statement
Featured in: Replaying Graphics Output in a Template


TREPLAY select-pair(s);
select-pair has the following form:

select-pair has the following form: panel-number:entry-id

Required Arguments

specifies the panel number and the name of a catalog entry.

is the number of the panel in the current template in which to replay the graphics output.

is the name or number of a catalog entry that contains the graphics output to be replayed in panel-number.


When you replay existing GRSEG entries in a template, the GREPLAY procedure creates new graphics output that is stored in the output catalog.

You can replay as many entries as you want in a single TREPLAY statement as shown here:

treplay 1:plot1 2:plot2 3:chart1;

The order in which you list the entries in the TREPLAY statement determines the order in which they are played into the template. PLOT1 will be placed in panel 1 of the current template, PLOT2 will be placed in panel 2, and CHART1 will be placed in panel 3. You can use entry numbers in the place of entry names.

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