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The GREPLAY Procedure

Example 1: Creating a Template

Procedure features:
GREPLAY statement options:
TDEF statement
TEMPLATE statement
Sample library member: GR26N01

This example creates a template with five panels. Four of the panels are small and equal in size. The fifth panel is a large, full-size panel that can be used later to display a common title or footnote for the entire template (see ). In this example, the LIST statement displays the template contents in the log. Defining a Template (GR26N01) shows the template definition that is written to the log file. The template that is defined here is also used in Replaying Graphics Output in a Template.

 Note about code
libname reflib 'SAS-data-library';
goptions reset=global gunit=pct border cback=white
         colors=(black blue green red)
         ftext=swissb htitle=6 htext=3
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proc greplay tc=reflib.tempcat nofs;
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tdef newtemp des='Five panel template'

     1/llx=0   lly=10
       ulx=0   uly=50
       urx=50  ury=50=
       lrx=50  lry=10

     2/llx=0   lly=50
       ulx=0   uly=90
       urx=50  ury=90=
       lrx=50  lry=50

     3/llx=0   lly=50
       ulx=0   uly=90
       urx=100 ury=90=
       lrx=100 lry=50

     4/llx=50   lly=10
       ulx=50  uly=50
       urx=100 ury=50=
       lrx=100 lry=10
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   template newtemp;
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   list template;

Defining a Template (GR26N01)

64         /* list contents of current template */
65      list template;

 NEWTEMP       Five panel template

 Pan Clp Color      Ll-x  Ll-y  Ul-x  Ul-y  Ur-x  Ur-y  Lr-x  Lr-y

  1      BLUE        0.0  10.0   0.0  50.0  50.0  50.0  50.0  10.0
  2      RED         0.0  50.0   0.0  90.0  50.0  90.0  50.0  50.0
  3      GREEN      50.0  50.0  50.0  90.0 100.0  90.0 100.0  50.0
  4      CYAN       50.0  10.0  50.0  50.0 100.0  50.0 100.0  10.0
  5      LIPK        0.0   0.0   0.0 100.0 100.0 100.0 100.0   0.0

66   quit;

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