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The GREPLAY Procedure

Example 3: Creating a Color Map

Procedure features:
GREPLAY statement option:
CDEF statement
CMAP statement
LIST statement
Sample library member: GR26N03

This example uses the CDEF statement to define a color map. The LIST statement is used in this example to display the color map definition in the log. Defining a Color Map (GR26N03) shows a partial listing of the log.
 Note about code
libname reflib 'SAS-data-library';
goptions reset=global gunit=pct border cback=white
         colors=(black blue green red)
         ftext=swissb htitle=6 htext=3;
 Note about code
proc greplay cc=reflib.clrmap gout=reflib.excat nofs;
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   cdef mycolor des='Special Color Map'
        1 / pink  : red
        2 / cyan  : blue
        3 / lig   : green;
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   cmap mycolor;
   list cmap;

Defining a Color Map (GR26N03)
 75        /* list the contents of the color map */
 76     list cmap;

  MYCOLOR       Special Color Map

        FROM        TO

   1    PINK        RED
   2    CYAN        BLUE
   3    LIG         GREEN

 77  quit;

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