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The GOPTIONS Procedure


The GOPTIONS procedure provides information about the values of graphics options and the global statement definitions that are currently in effect in your session. The values displayed are either the defaults of the current device driver or user-defined values that have been assigned in your SAS session. You can use the GOPTIONS procedure to

Note:    Do not confuse the GOPTIONS procedure with the GOPTIONS statement. The GOPTIONS procedure lists the values that are defined in a GOPTIONS statement as well as in any other global statement definitions. See GOPTIONS Statement for a list of the graphics options that you can set with the GOPTIONS statement. See Graphics Options and Device Parameters Dictionary for a complete description of each graphics option.  [cautionend]

The list of graphics options displays in the SAS LOG window and includes the names of the options, the current values, and a brief description of each one. You can use PROC GOPTIONS statement options to control what information is listed and where it appears in the LOG window. Sample Output from the GOPTIONS Procedure contains a sample LOG listing.

Sample Output from the GOPTIONS Procedure
                   SAS/GRAPH software options and parameters
             (executing in DMS Programming Environment environment)
NOADMGDF                     GDDM driver output an ADMGDF file
ASPECT=                      Aspect ratio (width/height) for software characters
NOAUTOCOPY                   Automatic hardcopy after display
NOAUTOFEED                   Automatic paper feed after plot
NOAUTOSIZE                   Change character cell size to preserve device
                             catalog rows and columns
BAUD=                        Communications line speed
BINDING=NOBINDING            Binding edge
NOBORDER                     Draw a border around display or plot
CBACK=                       Background color
CBY=                         BY line color
CELL                         Hardware characters must be on cell boundaries
CHARACTERS                   Use hardware characters
CHARTYPE=                    Select hardware font
CIRCLEARC                    Use hardware circle/arc generator
NOCOLLATE                    Collate output
COLORS=( )                   Default color list
CPATTERN=                    Default pattern color
CSYMBOL=                     Default symbol color
CTEXT=                       Default text color
CTITLE=                      Default title, footnote and note color
DASH                         Use hardware dashed line generator
DASHSCALE=                   Dash pattern scale factor
DELAY=                       Animation delay time in milliseconds
DEVADDR=                     IBM Device address, qname, or node name
DEVICE=                      Default device driver
DEVMAP=DEFAULT               Output character map for hardware text
DISPLAY                      Display graph on device
DISPOSAL=NONE                Image animation disposal method
DRVINIT=                     Host command executed before driver initialization
DRVTERM=                     Host command executed after driver termination
NODUPLEX                     Duplex printing
NOERASE                      Erase graph upon completion
FASTTEXT                     Use quicker, less precise, integer font rendering
                             routines; generally unsuitable for multiple device
                             or templated replay situations.
FBY=                         BY line font
FCACHE=3                     Number of software fonts to keep in memory
FILECLOSE=                   Close output file at driver termination or end of
                             each graph
FILL                         Use hardware rectangle fill generator
FILLINC=                     Fill increment to use on software polygon fills.
FONTRES=NORMAL               Use decreased resolution fonts (SASHELP.DRAFT).
FTEXT=                       Default text font
FTITLE=                      Default font for first title
FTRACK=TIGHT                 Default spacing between characters for supplied
                             Bitstream fonts.
GACCESS=                     Output format for graphics stream
GCLASS=G                     IBM3287 sysout class
GCOPIES=(0, 20)              Number of output copies
GDDMCOPY=FSCOPY              GDDM driver hardcopy type
GDDMNICKNAME=                GDDM nickname
GDDMTOKEN=                   GDDM token
GDEST=LOCAL                  IBM3287 sysout destination
GEND=                        Buffer termination string
GEPILOG=                     Device termination string
GFORMS=                      IBM3287 sysout forms code
GOUTMODE=APPEND              GOUT catalog mode: APPEND or REPLACE
GOUTTYPE=INDEPENDENT         Graphics segment type
GPROLOG=                     Device initialization string
GPROTOCOL=                   Graphics protocol converter driver name
GRAPHRC                      SAS/GRAPH is to issue step condition codes at exit
GSFLEN=                      Length of Graphics Stream File records
GSFMODE=PORT                 Graphics Stream File access mode
GSFNAME=                     Graphics Stream File name
NOGSFPROMPT                  Adds device driver prompts to GSASFILE
GSIZE=                       Number of lines in graphics display area
GSTART=                      Buffer initialization string
GUNIT=CELLS                  Default text units
GWAIT=                       Time delay after graphics display
GWRITER=SASWTR               IBM3287 sysout writer name
HANDSHAKE=                   ASCII device handshake protocol
HBY=                         BY line height
HORIGIN=                     Horizontal offset to graph origin
HPOS=                        Character cells per line
HSIZE=                       Horizontal plot size in inches
HTEXT=                       Default text height
HTITLE=                      Default height of first TITLE line
INBIN=                       Input bin selection
INTERPOL=                    Default symbol interpolation
ITERATION=                   Iteration of animation
NONINTERLACED                Image interlace selection
KEYMAP=DEFAULT               Input character map for hardware and software text
LFACTOR=                     Hardware line thickness factor
OFFSET=                      Binding offset
OFFSHADOW=(0.0625 in., -0.0625 in.)
                             X, Y offset for dropshadows
OUTBIN=                      Output bin selection
PAPERFEED=                   Amount of paper to feed on drum plotters
PAPERLIMIT=                  Physical width of the plotting paper
PAPERSIZE=                   Paper size selection
PAPERTYPE=                   Paper type selection
PENMOUNTS=                   Number of pens/colors to be used
PENSORT                      Sort plotter colors
PIEFILL                      Use hardware pie fill generator
NOPCLIP                      Specifies whether a clipped polygon is stored with
                             the graph in the catalog entry in its clipped or
                             unclipped form.
POLYGONCLIP                  Allows polygons with a device dependent pattern to
                             be clipped.
POLYGONFILL                  Use hardware polygon fill generator
POSTGEPILOG=                 Data to send after the GEPILOG
POSTGRAPH=                   Host command executed after each graph
POSTGPROLOG=                 Data to send after the GPROLOG
PPDFILE=                     Physical file name of Printer Product Description
PREGEPILOG=                  Data to send before the GEPILOG
PREGRAPH=                    Host command executed before each graph
PREGPROLOG=                  Data to send before the GPROLOG
PROMPT                       Allow/disallow user prompting by device driver
                             Terminal prompt characters
RENDER=MEMORY                Rendering active: Do not check for existing font.
                             Add to font definition in memory. Do not write
                             modified font back to disk.
RENDERLIB=WORK               Library to store pre-rendered SAS fonts.
REPAINT=                     Number of passes made in drawing a graph
NOREVERSE                    Reverse order of output
NOROTATE                     Rotate plot ninety degrees
SIMFONT=                     Software font to use as simulated hardware font.
SPEED=                       Pen speed
NOSWAP                       Substitute BLACK for WHITE
SYMBOL                       Use hardware symbol generator
TARGETDEVICE=                Intended hardcopy device
NOTRANSPARENCY               Image background transparency
TRANTAB=                     Terminal translate table
UCC=                         Driver specific option flags
NOUSERINPUT                  Enable user input for image animation
NOV5COMP                     Selects maximum version 5 compatibility
NOV6COMP                     Selects maximum version 6 compatibility
VORIGIN=                     Vertical offset to graph origin
VPOS=                        Character cells per column
VSIZE=                       Vertical plot size in inches
XMAX=                        Maximum horizontal plot size in inches
XPIXELS=                     Maximum number of horizontal pixels
YMAX=                        Maximum vertical plot size in inches
YPIXELS=                     Maximum number of vertical pixels

Note:   All of the graphics options that are displayed by the GOPTIONS procedure are described in Graphics Options and Device Parameters Dictionary.  [cautionend]

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