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SAS/ACCESS Interface to IMS-DL/I Software

Specifying System Options

The system options described in this appendix fall into two categories:

SAS System Options for IMS-DL/I indicates whether each option is an invocation option or a session option.

Restrictable Options

The DBA or SAS Software Representative at your installation may choose to restrict an invocation option to a particular value for security or data integrity reasons. Session options cannot be restricted; you can override them anytime during a SAS session by using an OPTIONS statement. If you try to override a restricted invocation option, you get an error message.

You can use two methods to determine which invocation options are restricted at your installation:

Displaying the Current Values of the Options

To check your installation's current settings for the SAS system options for IMS-DL/I, check the settings for the options (except for DLIREAD and BMPREAD) by executing PROC OPTIONS with the IMS option:

proc options ims;

To see the values of DLIREAD and BMPREAD, use PROC OPTIONS without the IMS option. The OPTIONS procedure is documented in the SAS Procedures Guide.

Overriding Option Defaults

Most option defaults are probably correct for your applications, and you may never need to override the default settings. In fact, many of the options might specify information that is unfamiliar to a DL/I applications programmer. However, if you decide that one or more of the defaults is not appropriate for your IMS-DL/I application, you can override the default value(s) as follows:

For more information about overriding SAS system options, see the SAS companion for your operating system.

Most Frequently Altered Options

If you need to override any options, it will probably be the following:

specifies the type of DL/I region that is used to execute DL/I calls. It is altered whenever you want to execute calls through a DL/I region that is not the installation default. Under Version 5, this option was called DLIRGNTP=.

If you use a batch DLI or DBB region, you are not likely to alter any other system option. If you use an online access region (BMP), you might need to change one or more of these options:

identify message queues for access in advanced DL/I programming when running a BMP region. This option is valid only for IMS-DL/I DATA step interface. Under Version 5, these options were called BMPIN= and BMPOUT=.

identifies the IMS subsystem that contains the databases that you want to access. You might need to use this option with a BMP, DLI, or DBB region in order to specify a test or production system.

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