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Accessing SAS Views

Using Version 8 to Access Views from Earlier Releases without Converting

Version 8 can read all types of Version 6 and Version 7 SAS views. That is, Version 8 can read Version 6 and Version 7 DATA step views, SAS/ACCESS views, and PROC SQL views.

In addition, Version 8 can use Version 6 and Version 7 SAS/ACCESS and PROC SQL views to update data.

Using Version 6 to Access Version 8 Views

Version 6 cannot access SAS views from later releases because of differences in the file format, except with SAS/SHARE or SAS/CONNECT software.

Converting Version 6 Views to Version 8 Format

Converting Version 6 SAS views to Version 8 format depends on the following:

To convert a Version 6 view to Version 8 format, you can use the COPY procedure.

In the following example, the first LIBNAME statement specifies the V6 compatibility engine and the libref OLD, which points to the library containing the Version 6 views. The second LIBNAME statement specifies the V8 engine and the libref NEW, which points to a Version 8 library to which the views will be copied. PROC COPY reads the data files that is identified by the IN= option with the V6 engine, and then writes them to the new library that is identified in the OUT= option with the V8 engine.

libname old v6 "v6-SAS-data-library";
libname new v8 "v8-SAS-data-library";

proc copy in=old out=new memtype=view;

Creating Views from Earlier Releases in Version 8

In Version 8, the ability to create SAS views for earlier releases depends on the type of view:

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