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SAS Macro Language: Reference

Interfaces with the SQL Procedure

Structured Query Language (SQL) is a standardized, widely used language for retrieving and updating data in databases and relational tables. The SAS System's SQL processor enables you to

INTO Clause

SQL provides the INTO clause in the SELECT statement for creating SAS macro variables. You can create multiple macro variables with a single INTO clause. The INTO clause follows the same scoping rules as the %LET statement. See Figure 5.3 in Chapter 5 for a summary of how macro variables are created. For further details and examples relating to the INTO clause, see Chapter 13.

Controlling Job Execution

PROC SQL also provides macro tools to

Macro Variables that Affect Job Execution provides information about macro variables created by SQL that affect job execution.

Macro Variables that Affect Job Execution
Macro Variable Description
SQLOBS contains the number of rows or observations produced by a SELECT statement.
SQLRC contains the return code from an SQL statement. For return codes, see SAS SQL documentation.
SQLOOPS contains the number of iterations that the inner loop of PROC SQL processes.

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