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SAS/MDDB Server Administrator's Guide

Why Should I Use MDDBs?

There are several advantages to creating and using MDDBs, including the following:

Using MDDBs with SAS/EIS software allows users to retrieve the underlying detail data that make up a multidimensional view.

The OLAP functionality achieved with the SAS/MDDB Server extends the decision support environment by providing multidimensional views of business data within a data warehouse architecture. This means superior integration with warehouse managed data, analytic capabilities, and presentation capabilities.

Optimized Storage and Performance
SAS/MDDB Server software minimizes the amount of space needed to store multidimensional data. This reduction is due largely to the aggregation of relational warehouse data into dimensions in the MDDB, but other factors include

Security is a key issue in the implementation of an OLAP solution. SAS/MDDB Server software provides applications-level security by enabling password protection. Also, when using SAS/EIS software to access your multidimensional data, you can use the SAS/EIS Access Control facility to implement cell-level security. For details on the SAS/EIS Access Control Facility, see the SAS/EIS Software: Administrator's Guide.

You should consider each of these factors when deciding how and when to use MDDBs and the SAS/MDDB Server in your application development environment.

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