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SAS/MDDB Server Administrator's Guide

Transporting MDDBs Across Operating Environments

In some business computing environments, it is necessary for MDDBs that are created in one operating environment to be used on a different, incompatible operating environment. In this case, the possible solutions are to

The latter option is addressed in Accessing MDDBs Remotely. This section discusses copying ("transporting") MDDBs from one operating environment to another.

The CPORT and CIMPORT procedures, which are used to transport SAS files between operating environments, do not support the transport of MDDBs. Instead, the following methods can be used:

The first method requires either SAS/SHARE software or SAS/CONNECT software. The last two methods require SAS/CONNECT software.

Transporting MDDBs with the COPY Procedure

To use the COPY procedure to transport MDDBs, you must have SAS/SHARE or SAS/CONNECT software licensed.

  1. Establish a connection between the local host and the SAS/SHARE server or remote host. See SAS/SHARE User's Guide or SAS/CONNECT User's Guide for details.

  2. Use the LIBNAME statement to declare a library on the SHARE server or remote host:

  3. Use the COPY procedure to copy an MDDB between the local and remote hosts:
    proc copy out=work in=rmtlib memtype=mddb;
    This example copies all MDDBs from the RMTLIB library on the remote host to the temporary library on the local host. The COPY procedure can also be used to copy MDDBs from the local host to the remote host.

Transporting MDDBs with the UPLOAD and DOWNLOAD Procedures

To use the UPLOAD and DOWNLOAD procedures to transport MDDBs, you must have SAS/CONNECT software licensed.

  1. Establish a connection to the remote host. (See the SAS/CONNECT User's Guide for details.)

  2. Use the UPLOAD procedure to transport the MDDB to the remote host or the DOWNLOAD procedure to transport the MDDB from the remote host:
    proc upload data=school.grades out=grades_copy;
    This example copies the MDDB GRADES from the local SCHOOL library to the WORK library on the remote host as GRADES_COPY.

For complete details on the UPLOAD and DOWNLOAD procedures, see the SAS/CONNECT User's Guide.

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