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The Complete Guide to the SAS Output Delivery System

Creating Printer Output

If you open the Printer destination, you can create output that is formatted for a high-resolution printer. The first ODS PRINTER statement in the following SAS program opens the Printer destination and directs the formatted output to the file The second ODS PRINTER statement closes the Printer destination. You must close the Printer destination before you can print the file.

The data set STATEPOP is created in a DATA step. The REGFMT format is created in a PROC FORMAT step. The Printer output appears in Output Created by the Printer Destination.

Note:   This example uses file names that may not be valid in all operating environments. To successfully run the example in your operating environment, you may need to change the file specifications. See Alternative ODS HTML Statements for Running Examples in Different Operating Environments.  [cautionend]

options nodate nonumber;
ods printer file='';
proc tabulate data=statepop;
   class region state;
   var citypop_80 citypop_90;
   table region*state, citypop_80*sum=' ' citypop_90*sum=' ';
   format region regfmt.;
   where region=1;
   label citypop_80='1980' citypop_90='1990';
   title 'Metropolitan Population for the Northeast Region';
   title2 '(measured in millions)';
ods printer close;

Output Created by the Printer Destination


For more information about creating Printer output, see ODS PRINTER Statement.

Note:   Procedure options that affect presentation may not affect Printer output. For instance, the DOUBLE option in PROC PRINT, which inserts a blank line between observations, has no effect on Printer output.  [cautionend]

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