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The GANTT Procedure


This section contains examples that illustrate several of the options and statements available with PROC GANTT in the different display modes. Example 4.1 and Example 4.2 illustrate the GANTT procedure in line-printer mode, and Example 4.3 through Example 4.26 illustrate the GANTT procedure in graphics mode.

Line-Printer Examples

Example 4.1: Printing a Gantt Chart

Example 4.2: Customizing the Gantt Chart

Graphics Examples

Example 4.3: Marking Holidays

Example 4.4: Marking Milestones and Special Dates

Example 4.5: Using the COMPRESS Option

Example 4.6: Using the MININTERVAL= and SCALE= Options

Example 4.7: Using the MINDATE= and MAXDATE= Options

Example 4.8: Variable Length Holidays

Example 4.9: Multiple Calendars

Example 4.10: Plotting the Actual Schedule

Example 4.11: Comparing Progress against a Baseline Schedule

Example 4.12: Using the COMBINE option

Example 4.13: Plotting the Resource-Constrained Schedule

Example 4.14: Specifying the Schedule Data Directly

Example 4.15: BY Processing

Example 4.16: Gantt Charts by Persons

Example 4.17: Using the HEIGHT= and HTOFF= Options

Example 4.18: Drawing a Logic Gantt Chart Using AON Representation

Example 4.19: Specifying the Logic Control Options

Example 4.20: Nonstandard Precedence Relationships

Example 4.21: Using the SAS/GRAPH ANNOTATE= Option

Example 4.22: Using the Automatic Text Annotation Feature

Example 4.23: Multiproject Gantt Charts

Example 4.24: Multi-Segment Gantt Charts

Example 4.25: Zoned Gantt Charts

Example 4.26: Web Enabled Gantt Charts

Statement and Option Cross Reference Tables

Chapter Contents
Chapter Contents

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