Chapter Contents
Chapter Contents
The GANTT Procedure

Functional Summary

The following tables outline the options available for the GANTT procedure classified by function.

Table 4.1: Axis Formatting Options
Description Statement Option
increment for labeling axisCHARTINCREMENT=
ending time for axisCHARTMAXDATE=
starting time for axisCHARTMINDATE=
smallest interval identified on chartCHARTMININTERVAL=
suppress time portion of datetime tickmarkCHARTNOTMTIME
number of columns per minintervalCHARTSCALE=
use first plot variable format for tickmarksCHARTUSEFORMAT

Table 4.2: Bar Enhancement Options
Description Statement Option
actual bar heightCHARTABARHT=
actual bar offsetCHARTABAROFF=
default bar heightCHARTBARHT=
default bar offsetCHARTBAROFF=
baseline bar heightCHARTBBARHT=
baseline bar offsetCHARTBBAROFF=
color of connect lineCHARTCHCON=
early/late bar heightCHARTEBARHT=
early/late bar offsetCHARTEBAROFF=
holiday bar heightCHARTHBARHT=
holiday bar offsetCHARTHBAROFF=
character for drawing connect lineCHARTHCONCHAR=
draw a horizontal connect lineCHARTHCONNECT
characters for drawing scheduleCHARTJOINCHAR=
linestyle of connect lineCHARTLHCON=
suppress pattern variable for bar fillsCHARTNOPATBAR
overprint character for schedule variablesCHARTOVERLAPCH=
overprint character for CHART variablesCHARTOVPCHAR=
schedule types that use pattern variableCHARTPATLEVEL=
pattern variable for bar fills and text colorCHARTPATTERN=
resource bar heightCHARTRBARHT=
resource bar offsetCHARTRBAROFF=
characters for plotting timesCHARTSYMCHAR=

Table 4.3: Calendar Options
Description Statement Option
calendar identifierCHARTCALID=
length of workdayCHARTDAYLENGTH=
beginning of workdayCHARTDAYSTART=
mark all breaks in a dayCHARTMARKBREAK
mark all nonworking daysCHARTMARKWKND

Table 4.4: Data Set Options
Description Statement Option
Annotate data setGANTTANNOTATE=
Calendar data setGANTTCALEDATA=
Schedule data setGANTTDATA=
Holiday data setGANTTHOLIDATA=
Label data setGANTTLABDATA=
Precedence (Logic) data setGANTTPRECDATA=
Imagemap output data setGANTTIMAGEMAP=
Work pattern data setGANTTWORKDATA=

Table 4.5: Graphics Catalog Options
Description Statement Option
description of catalog entryCHARTDESCRIPTION=
name of graphics catalogGANTTGOUT=
name of catalog entryCHARTNAME=

Table 4.6: Holiday Options
Description Statement Option
character for plotting holidaysCHARTHOLICHAR=
holiday start variableCHARTHOLIDAY=
holiday duration variableCHARTHOLIDUR=
holiday finish variableCHARTHOLIEND=
holiday duration unitsCHARTHOLINTERVAL=

Table 4.7: ID Variable Options
Description Statement Option
number of columns between ID variablesCHARTBETWEEN=
mark critical activitiesCHARTCRITFLAG
activity text columns that use pattern colorCHARTCTEXTCOLS=
allow duplicate ID valuesCHARTDUPOK
display ID variables on every pageCHARTIDPAGES
maximize number of ID variables on pageCHARTMAXIDS
suppress job numberCHARTNOJOBNUM
split character for dividing ID labelsGANTTSPLIT=
strip leading blanks from character variablesGANTTSTRIPIDBLANKS

Table 4.8: Labeling Options
Description Statement Option
label variable linking to Schedule data setCHARTLABVAR=
rules for label layoutCHARTLABRULE=
split character for labelsCHARTLABSPLIT=
maximum number of digits in integer labelGANTTLABMAXINT=

Table 4.9: Logic Options
Description Statement Option
activity variable for AON formatCHARTACTIVITY=
use AOA precedence specificationsCHARTAOA
color of precedence connectionsCHARTCPREC=
headnode variable for AOA formatCHARTHEAD=
lag variable for AON formatCHARTLAG=
schedule bar associated with connectionsCHARTLEVEL=
linestyle of precedence connectionsCHARTLPREC=
maximum displacement of local verticalCHARTMAXDISLV=
minimum interdistance of global verticalsCHARTMININTGV=
minimum offset of global verticalCHARTMINOFFGV=
minimum offset of local verticalCHARTMINOFFLV=
suppress drawing arrow headCHARTNOARROWHEAD
suppress automatic range extensionCHARTNOEXTRANGE
terminate procedure if bad precedence dataCHARTSHOWPREC
successor variable for AON formatCHARTSUCCESSOR=
tailnode variable for AOA formatCHARTTAIL=
width of precedence connectionsCHARTWPREC=

Table 4.10: Milestone Options
Description Statement Option
color of milestoneCHARTCMILE=
duration variableCHARTDUR=
font for milestone symbolCHARTFMILE=
height of milestoneCHARTHMILE=
character for milestoneCHARTMILECHAR=
value for milestone symbolCHARTVMILE=

Table 4.11: Miscellaneous Options
Description Statement Option
invoke full-screen versionGANTTFS
invoke graphics versionGANTTGRAPHICS
invoke line-printer versionGANTTLP
maximum number of decimals for a numberGANTTMAXDEC=
unit for padding finish timesCHARTPADDING=
upper limit on number of pagesCHARTPAGES=
display summary of symbols and patternsCHARTSUMMARY

Table 4.12: Page Layout Options
Description Statement Option
position chart at bottom of pageCHARTBJUST
color for drawing axesCHARTCAXIS=
color for frame fillCHARTCFRAME=
draw chart on one page in graphics modeCHARTCOMPRESS
fill each page as much as possibleCHARTFILL
characters for table outlines and dividersCHARTFORMCHAR=
number of pages spanning time axisCHARTHPAGES=
left justify chartCHARTLJUST
line widthCHARTLWIDTH=
number of activities on each pageCHARTNJOBS=
suppress frameCHARTNOFRAME
suppress legendCHARTNOLEGEND
number of tickmarks on each pageCHARTNTICKS=
display page number at upper right cornerCHARTPAGENUM
draw chart proportionally on one pageCHARTPCOMPRESS
right justify chartCHARTRJUST
number of rows between consecutive activitiesCHARTSKIP=
position chart at top of pageCHARTTJUST
number of pages spanning activity axisCHARTVPAGES=

Table 4.13: Reference Line Options
Description Statement Option
color of reference linesCHARTCREF=
values of reference linesCHARTREF=
character for drawing reference lineCHARTREFCHAR=
label reference linesCHARTREFLABEL

Table 4.14: Schedule Selection Options
Description Statement Option
actual start variableCHARTAS=
actual finish variableCHARTAF=
baseline start variableCHARTBS=
baseline finish variableCHARTBF=
concatenate early/late and actual schedulesCHARTCOMBINE
early start variableCHARTES=
early finish variableCHARTEF=
late start variableCHARTLS=
late finish variableCHARTLF=
resource-constrained start variableCHARTSS=
resource-constrained finish variableCHARTSF=

Table 4.15: Timenow Line Options
Description Statement Option
color of timenow lineCHARTCTNOW=
linestyle of timenow lineCHARTLTNOW=
suppress timenow labelCHARTNOTNLABEL
value of timenow lineCHARTTIMENOW=
character for drawing timenow lineCHARTTNCHAR=
width of timenow lineCHARTWTNOW=

Table 4.16: Text Formatting Options
Description Statement Option
color of textCHARTCTEXT=
font of textCHARTFONT=
height multiplier of textCHARTHEIGHT=
height offset for activity textCHARTHTOFF=

Table 4.17: Web Options
Description Statement Option
web reference variableCHARTWEBREF=
imagemap output data setGANTTIMAGEMAP=

Table 4.18: Zone Options
Description Statement Option
color of zone lineCHARTCZONE=
linestyle of zone lineCHARTLZONE=
suppress zone columnCHARTNOZONECOL
display only new zone valuesCHARTONEZONEVAL
width of zone lineCHARTWZONE=
zone variableCHARTZONE=
offset of zone lineCHARTZONEOFF=
span of zone lineCHARTZONESPAN=

Chapter Contents
Chapter Contents

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