Chapter Contents
Chapter Contents
The NETDRAW Procedure

Functional Summary

The following tables outline the options available for the NETDRAW procedure classified by function. Unless otherwise specified, all the options are specified on the ACTNET statement.

Table 5.1: Color Options
Description Option
color of arcsCARCS=
color of time axisCAXIS=
fill color for critical nodesCCNODEFILL=
color of critical arcsCCRITARCS=
color of outline of critical nodesCCRITOUT=
fill color for nodesCNODEFILL=
color of outline of nodesCOUTLINE=
color of reference linesCREF=
color of reference break linesCREFBRK=
color of textCTEXT=

Table 5.2: Data Set Specifications
Description Statement Option
Annotate data setACTNETANNOTATE=
Annotate data setNETDRAWANNOTATE=
Activity data setNETDRAWDATA=
Network output data setNETDRAWOUT=

Table 5.3: Format Control Options
Description Option
height of node in character cellsBOXHT=
width of node in character cellsBOXWIDTH=
duration variableDURATION=
ID variablesID=
suppress default ID variablesNODEFID
suppress ID variable labelsNOLABEL
upper limit on number of pagesPAGES=
indicate completed or in-progress activitiesSHOWSTATUS
horizontal distance between nodesXBETWEEN=
vertical distance between nodesYBETWEEN=

Table 5.4: Full-Screen Options
Description Option
reference break line characterBRKCHAR=
characters for node outlines and connectionsFORMCHAR=
reference characterREFCHAR=

Table 5.5: Graphics Catalog Options
Description Statement Option
description for catalog entryACTNETDESCRIPTION=
name for catalog entryACTNETNAME=
name of graphics catalogNETDRAWGOUT=

Table 5.6: Graphics Display Options
Description Option
length of arrowhead in character cellsARROWHEAD=
center each ID variable within nodeCENTERID
compress the diagram to a single pageCOMPRESS
text fontFONT=
text heightHEIGHT=
horizontal margin in character cellsHMARGIN=
number of horizontal pagesHPAGES=
reference line styleLREF=
reference break line styleLREFBRK=
width of lines used for critical arcsLWCRIT=
width of linesLWIDTH=
width of outline for nodesLWOUTLINE=
suppress filling of arrowheadsNOARROWFILL
suppress page numberNOPAGENUMBER
suppress vertical centeringNOVCENTER
number of nodes in horizontal directionNXNODES=
number of nodes in vartical directionNYNODES=
pattern variablePATTERN=
proportionally compress the diagramPCOMPRESS
draw arcs with rectangular cornersRECTILINEAR
reverse the order of the y-pagesREVERSEY
rotate text within node by 90 degreesROTATETEXT
separate arcs along distinct tracksSEPARATEARCS
vertical margin in character cellsVMARGIN=
number of vertical pagesVPAGES=

Table 5.7: Layout Options
Description Option
break cycles in cyclic networksBREAKCYCLE
use dynamic programming algorithm to route arcsDP
number of horizontal tracks between nodesHTRACKS=
route arc along potential node positionsNODETRACK
do not use dynamic programming algorithm to route arcsNONDP
block track along potential node positionsNONODETRACK
restrict scope of arc layout algorithmRESTRICTSEARCH
use spanning tree layoutSPANNINGTREE
draw network as a tree, if possibleTREE
number of vertical tracks between nodesVTRACKS=

Table 5.8: Line-Printer Options
Description Option
reference break line characterBRKCHAR=
characters for node outlines and connectionsFORMCHAR=
reference characterREFCHAR=

Table 5.9: Mode Options
Description Statement Option
invoke full-screen versionNETDRAWFULLSCREEN
invoke graphics versionNETDRAWGRAPHICS
invoke line-printer versionNETDRAWLINEPRINTER
suppress display of diagramNETDRAWNODISPLAY

Table 5.10: Network Specifications
Description Option
activity variableACTIVITY=
lag variablesLAG=
successor variablesSUCCESSOR=

Table 5.11: Timescale Options
Description Option
align variableALIGN=
draw reference lines at every levelAUTOREF
frame network diagram and axisFRAME
draw all vertical levelsLINEAR
maximum number of empty columns between tick marksMAXNULLCOLUMN=
smallest interval per levelMININTERVAL=
number of levels per tick markNLEVELSPERCOLUMN=
suppress time axis on continuation pagesNOREPEATAXIS
omit the time axisNOTIMEAXIS
stop procedure if align value is missingQUITMISSINGALIGN
draw zigzag reference line at breaksREFBREAK
show all breaks in time axisSHOWBREAK
draw time scaled diagramTIMESCALE
use format of variable and not defaultUSEFORMAT

Table 5.12: Tree Options
Description Option
center each node with respect to subtreeCENTERSUBTREE
order of the children of each nodeCHILDORDER=
separate sons of a node for symmetrySEPARATESONS
use spanning tree layoutSPANNINGTREE
draw network as a tree, if possibleTREE

Table 5.13: Web Options
Description Statement Option
web reference variableACTNETWEBREF=
imagemap output data setNETDRAWIMAGEMAP=

Table 5.14: Zone Options
Description Option
divide network into connected componentsAUTOZONE
suppress zone labelsNOZONELABEL
zone variableZONE=
label zonesZONELABEL
set missing pattern values using zoneZONEPAT
leave extra space between zonesZONESPACE

Chapter Contents
Chapter Contents

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