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SAS Companion for the OS/2 Environment

Associating Your Own Logo and Icons with Your SAS/AF Application

You can substitute your own logo screen and icons in place of those that are provided by the SAS System.

Note:   These procedures require that you create resources for and build your own dynamic link libraries (DLLs). For more information about creating DLLs, see the OS/2 software development kit.  [cautionend]

To display your own logo when the SAS System starts

  1. Create the logo that you want to display and save it either as a bitmap (which has a .BMP file extension), or compile it as resource and build it into a DLL.

  2. When you invoke SAS, specify the -SPLASHLOC option with the full pathname of the file that contains your bitmap. If the bitmap is in a DLL, be sure to specify the resource number as well. The default resource number is 1. For more information about the SPLASHLOC system option, see SPLASHLOC.

Your logo will display when you start the SAS System.

To use your own icons with your SAS/AF application

  1. Use the USERICON system option when you start the SAS System to specify the resource file that contains the icons that you want to include. You must use the OS/2 software development tool to compile the resource file. For more information about the USERICON system option, see USERICON.

  2. Use SAS/AF software to create a FRAME entry.

  3. On the FRAME entry, select Make from the pop-up menu. (Alternatively, you can create a region and then select Fill from the pop-up menu.)

  4. Select Icon from the selection list.

  5. From the Icon Attributes dialog box, select Current Icon.

  6. Select User-defined to display the icons in your resource file.

  7. From the Select an Icon dialog box, select the icon that you want to use. If there are more icons than will fit in the window, use the scrollbars to see the rest of the icons.

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