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SAS Companion for the OS/2 Environment

Automatic Macro Variables

The following automatic macro variables have values that are specific to OS/2:

contains the current SAS condition code that SAS will return to OS/2 when the SAS System exits. Upon exit, SAS translates this condition code to a return code that has a meaningful value for the operating system.

gives the name of the current graphics device. The current graphics device is determined by the DEVICE system option. Contact your SAS Support Representative to determine which graphics devices are available at your site. For information about the DEVICE system option, see DEVICE and SAS Language Reference: Dictionary.

always contains the value FORE under OS/2.

returns a number (the process ID) that uniquely identifies the SAS task under OS/2.

returns the maximum long integer value allowed under OS/2, which is 2,147,483,647.

holds the OS/2 status of OS/2 commands executed during your SAS session. The variable holds a character string that is the text form of the decimal value of the OS/2 command status.

For example, consider the following statements:

options noxwait;
x 'dirf';   /* Invalid OS/2 command */
%put This OS/2 status is &sysrc;

x 'dir';    /* Valid OS/2 command   */
%put The corrected OS/2 status is &sysrc;
The following lines are written to the SAS log:
This OS/2 status is 1
The corrected OS/2 status is 0

The OPTIONS statement turns the XWAIT option off so that the OS/2 command prompt window disappears automatically without your having to type EXIT to return to your SAS session. If you run this example with the XWAIT option on, it does not work because you get a value of 0 in both cases; 0 is the return code for the EXIT command. If NOXSYNC is on, the value of SYSRC is automatically 0.

returns the operating system abbreviation OS2.

returns the name of the specific environment you are using. For Version 8 of the SAS System under OS/2, the return value is OS2.

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