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SAS Companion for the OS/2 Environment

Keyboard Shortcuts within the SAS Main Window

The keys listed in AWSDEF are not listed in the KEYS window. You might find these keys useful as shortcuts for editing and other tasks.

Key Setting for the Main SAS Window
Key Combination Action
Dialogs and Entry Fields

TAB move to next field
SHIFT+TAB move to previous field
Navigate around Text

CTRL+-> move to next word
CTRL+<- move to previous word
HOME move to beginning of line
END move to end of line
CTRL+HOME move to top
CTRL+END move to bottom
PgUp page up
PgDn page down
CTRL+PgUp move to top
CTRL+PgDn move to bottom
CTRL+Tab navigate to the next open SAS window (NEXTWIND command)
CTRL+SHIFT+Tab navigate to the previous open SAS window (PREVWIND command)
Mark Text

SHIFT+-> mark while going to the right
SHIFT+<- mark while going to the left
SHIFT+HOME mark to beginning of line
SHIFT+END mark to end of line
SHIFT+CTRL+HOME mark to top
SHIFT+CTRL+END mark to bottom
SHIFT+PgUp page up and mark
SHIFT+PgDn page down and mark
SHIFT+CTRL+PgUp mark to top
SHIFT+CTRL+PgDn mark to bottom
SHIFT+MB1 extend the current marked text selection to the click position
Cut, Copy, and Paste

Delete delete the next character (or marked text)
ALT+Delete delete from the cursor to end of line
CTRL+Delete delete from the cursor position to the end of the current word
CTRL+Backspace delete from the cursor position to the start of the current word
CTRL+X cut selected text
CTRL+C copy to paste buffer
CTRL+V paste text
Window Control

ALT switch focus to or from the main menu bar
SHIFT+F5 cascade the windows
SHIFT+F4 tile the windows
CTRL+F6 next window
ALT+F4 exit the SAS System
CTRL+F4 close the active window

ESC+letter (or number) color or highlighting attributes in NOTEPAD window

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