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Prints descriptions of the contents of one or more SAS data library files

OS/2 specifics: Engine/Host Dependent Information output

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PROC CONTENTS <option(s)>;

For an explanation of the available options, see the CONTENTS procedure in SAS Procedures Guide.


The CONTENTS procedure shows the contents of a SAS data set and prints the directory of the SAS data library.

While most of the printed output generated by the CONTENTS procedure is the same across all operating environments, the Engine/Host Dependent Information output depends on both the operating environment and the engine. Engine/Host Dependent Information from PROC CONTENTS Using the V8 Engine shows an example of the Engine/Host Dependent Information generated for the V8 engine from the following statements:

proc contents data=states;
 title 'Contents of a Version 8 Data Set';

Engine/Host Dependent Information from PROC CONTENTS Using the V8 Engine
                        Contents of a Version 8 Data Set                       1

                             The CONTENTS PROCEDURE

Data Set Name: WORK.STATES                            Observations:         51
Member Type:   DATA                                   Variables:            3
Engine:        V8                                     Indexes:              0
Created:       11:21 Tuesday, February 2, 1999        Observation Length:   48
Last Modified: 11:21 Tuesday, February 2, 1999        Deleted Observations: 0
Protection:                                           Compressed:           NO
Data Set Type:                                        Sorted:               NO

                  -----Engine/Host Dependent Information-----

          Data Set Page Size:         8192
          Number of Data Set Pages:   1
          First Data Page:            1
          Max Obs per Page:           169
          Obs in First Data Page:     51
          Number of Data Set Repairs: 0
          File Name:                  E:\SASV8\SASWORK\_TD301\states.sas7bdat
          Release Created:            8.00.00B
          Host Created:               OS2

             -----Alphabetic List of Variables and Attributes-----

                #    Variable    Type    Len    Pos    Format
                3    COUNT       Num       8      0    COMMA7.
                1    STATE       Char     14      8
                2    VIDEO       Char     20     22

The engine name (V8) is listed in the header information. The Engine/Host Dependent Information describes attributes of the data set, such as the data set page size and the maximum number of observations per page. For more information about how to interpret the data set size information, see Calculating Data Set Size.

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