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SAS Companion for the OS/2 Environment

Accessing Database Files with SAS/ACCESS Software

SAS/ACCESS software provides an interface between the SAS System and several database management systems (DBMS) that run under OS/2. The interface consists of three procedures and an interface view engine. With these, you can perform the following tasks:

ACCESS procedure
creates SAS/ACCESS descriptor files that describe DBMS data to the SAS System. It also can create a SAS data file from DBMS data.

DBLOAD procedure
loads SAS or other DBMS data into a DBMS file.

SQL Procedure Pass-Through Facility
accesses data from several different relational DBMSs, including ODBC and SYBASE.

interface view engine
enables you to use descriptor files in SAS programs to access DBMS data directly and enables you to specify descriptor files in SAS programs to update, insert, or delete DBMS data directly.

For more information about using SAS/ACCESS software under OS/2,
see SAS/ACCESS Software for PC File Formats: Reference and other SAS/ACCESS documentation.

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