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SAS Companion for the OS/2 Environment

Routing Procedure Output to a Web Browser

Beginning with Version 7 of SAS, the Output Delivery System can create your procedure output in HTML to be viewed in a Web browser. The procedure output HTML file is displayed in the Web browser that is specified in the Preferences dialog box Web page. When you specify to display procedure output in HTML, you switch to another application to view the HTML output.

For more information about using HTML within the Output Delivery System, see The Complete Guide to the SAS Output Delivery System.

Configuring Preferences for HTML Output

For SAS to create an HTML file from your procedure output and to know where to display the HTML file, you configure the Results and Web pages of the Preferences dialog box.

To open the Preferences dialog box, select


To configure the Results page:
Click on the Results page.
Select the HTML check box.
Click in the Style check box and highlight a style. The style defines colors and fonts to display your output.
Select where to save your HTML file. To save HTML files only while the current SAS session is active, select the Use WORK folder check box. Saving HTML files to a temporary folder is useful when you are testing a procedure and creating a multitude of HTML files. Recall that when you exit the SAS System, all temporary files are deleted.

To save the HTML files in a folder that is not deleted when a SAS session ends, type a path name in the Folder text box or click on [Browse] to select a folder.

To configure the Web page of the Preferences dialog box:

For more information about using HTML within the Output Delivery System, see SAS Procedures Guide.

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