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SAS Companion for the OS/390 Environment

Support for the SAS System

Support for the SAS System is shared by SAS Institute and your installation or site. The Institute provides maintenance for the software; the SAS Installation Coordinator, SAS Support Consultant, and the SAS Training Coordinator for your site are responsible for providing you with direct user support.

Working with Your SAS Support Consultant

At your site, one or more SAS Support Consultants have been designated as the first point of contact for SAS users who need help resolving problems.

If the SAS Support Consultant is unable to resolve your problem, then he or she will contact the SAS Technical Support Division for you. In order to provide the most efficient service possible, the Institute asks that you do not contact Technical Support directly.

SAS Technical Support

The SAS Technical Support Division can assist with suspected internal errors in the SAS System and with possible system incompatibilities. It can also help answer questions about SAS statement syntax, general logic problems, and procedures and their output. However, the Technical Support Division cannot assist with special-interest applications, with writing user programs, or with teaching new users. It is also unable to provide support for general statistical methodology or for the design of experiments.

Generating a System Dump for SAS Technical Support

Follow these steps to generate a system dump that can be interpreted by SAS Technical Support:

  1. Disable ABEND-AID or any other dump formatting system before generating the dump.

  2. Allocate the DDname SYSUDUMP to an appropriate SYSOUT class, using either a TSO ALLOC command or the SUSUDUMP DD card in the cataloged procedure provided by SAS software.

  3. Specify the following options at SAS invocation: NOSTAE, DUMPPROL, SOURCE, SOURCE2, NOTES, MPRINT, and SYMBOLGEN.

When the dump is produced, copy the dump file and any other output to a standard label machine-readable medium for shipment to SAS.

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