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Lists, copies, renames, repairs, and deletes SAS files; manages indexes for and appends SAS data sets in a SAS data library; changes variable names and related information; prints the contents of a SAS data library

OS/390 specifics: output generated by CONTENTS statement, data library information

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Part of the DATASETS procedure output is system-dependent. The SAS data library information that is displayed in the SAS log depends on the operating environment and the engine. In SAS Data Library Information from the DATASETS Procedure, the SAS log shows the information that is generated by the DATASETS procedure for the V8 (BASE) engine under OS/390.

Note:   The information produced for other engines varies slightly. See Using V8 Engines for information about other engines.  [cautionend]

SAS Data Library Information from the DATASETS Procedure
      Libref:                  WORK
      Engine:                  V8
      Physical Name:           SYS96053.T145204.RA000.USERID.R0000128
      Unit:                    DISK
      Volume:                  ANYVOL
      Disposition:             NEW
      Device:                  3380
      Blocksize:               6144
      Blocks per Track:        7
      Total Library Blocks:    105
      Total Used Blocks:       31
      Total Free Blocks:       74
      Highest Used Block:      44
      Highest Formatted Block: 49
      Members:                 1

                        #  Name     Memtype  Indexes
                        1  ORANGES  DATA
                        2  PROFILE  CATALOG

For explanations of the fields in SAS Data Library Information from the DATASETS Procedure, see CONTENTS.

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