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SAS Companion for the OS/390 Environment

Accessing Nonstandard Files

Accessing IMS-DL/I and CA-IDMS Databases

Both the SAS/ACCESS interface to IMS-DL/I and the SAS/ACCESS interface to CA-IDMS include a DATA step interface. Extensions for certain SAS statements (such as INFILE, FILE, PUT, and INPUT) enable you to format database-specific calls in a SAS DATA step. Therefore, you can access the IMS or CA-IDMS data directly, without using SAS/ACCESS view descriptors. If your site licenses these interfaces, see SAS/ACCESS Interface to IMS-DL/I Software and SAS/ACCESS Interface to CA-IDMS Software: Reference for more information.

Note:   The DATA step interface for IMS-DL/I is a "read/write" interface. The DATA step interface for CA-IDMS is "read" only.  [cautionend]

Accessing ISAM Files

To read an ISAM file sequentially, include the ISAM keyword on the INFILE statement as in the following example:

data newdata;
   infile isamfile isam;
   /*  SAS statements  */

Accessing VSAM Data Sets

Use the VSAM option to indicate that a fileref points to a VSAM external file.

Many VSAM-specific options are available with the INFILE and FILE statements. See VSAM Options for the FILE and INFILE Statements under OS/390 for details. For complete information about accessing VSAM data sets, see the SAS Guide to VSAM Processing.

Accessing the Volume Table of Contents (VTOC)

To access a disk's Volume Table of Contents (VTOC), specify the VTOC option in an INFILE statement. See VTOC Options for the INFILE Statement under OS/390 for more information.

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