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The CATALOG Procedure

MODIFY Statement

Changes the description of a catalog entry.

Featured in: Displaying Contents, Changing Names, and Changing a Description

MODIFY entry
</ ENTRYTYPE=etype>;

Required Arguments

specifies the name of one SAS catalog entry. Optionally, you can specify the entry type with the name.
Restriction: You must designate the type of the entry, either when you specify the name (ename.etype) or with the ENTRYTYPE= option.
See also: Specifying an Entry Type

changes the description of a catalog entry by replacing it with a new description, up to 40 characters long, or by removing it altogether. Optionally, you can enclose the description in single or double quotes.
Alias: DESC
Tip: Use DESCRIPTION= with no text to remove the current description.


restricts processing to one entry type.
See: The ENTRYTYPE= Option
See also: Specifying an Entry Type

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