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The CHART Procedure

HBAR Statement

Produces a horizontal bar chart.

Tip: HBAR charts can print either the name or the label of the chart variable.
Featured in: Producing a Horizontal Bar Chart for a Subset of the Data

HBAR variable(s) </ option(s)>;

Required Argument

specifies the variables for which PROC CHART produces a horizontal bar chart, one chart for each variable.

The options available on the BLOCK, HBAR, PIE, STAR, and VBAR statements are documented in Customizing All Types of Charts .

Statement Results
Each chart occupies one or more output pages, depending on the number of bars; each bar occupies one line, by default.

By default, for horizontal bar charts of TYPE=FREQ, CFREQ, PCT, or CPCT, PROC CHART prints the following statistics: frequency, cumulative frequency, percentage, and cumulative percentage. If you use one or more of the statistics options, PROC CHART prints only the statistics that you request, plus the frequency.

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