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The CHART Procedure

PIE Statement

Produces a pie chart.

PIE variable(s) </ option(s)>;

Required Argument

specifies the variables for which PROC CHART produces a pie chart, one chart for each variable.

The options available on the BLOCK, HBAR, PIE, STAR, and VBAR statements are documented in Customizing All Types of Charts .

Statement Results
PROC CHART determines the number of slices for the pie in the same way that it determines the number of bars for vertical bar charts. Any slices of the pie accounting for less than three print positions are grouped together into an "OTHER" category.

The pie's size is determined only by the SAS system options LINESIZE= and PAGESIZE=. By default, the pie looks elliptical if your printer does not print 6 lines per inch and 10 columns per inch. To make a circular pie chart on a printer that does not print 6 lines and 10 columns per inch, use the LPI= option on the PROC CHART statement. See the decription of LPI= for the formula that gives you the proper LPI= value for your printer.

If you try to create a PIE chart for a variable with more than 50 levels, PROC CHART produces a horizontal bar chart instead.

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