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The REPORT Procedure


Lets you experiment with your data.

Restriction: You cannot open the EXPLORE window unless your report contains at least one group or order variable.


Explore Data


In the EXPLORE window you can


The results of your manipulations in the EXPLORE window appear in the REPORT window but are not saved in report definitions.   [cautionend]

Window Features

list boxes
The EXPLORE window contains three list boxes. These boxes contain the value "All levels" as well as actual values for the first three group or order variables in your report. The values reflect any WHERE clause processing that is in effect. For example, if you use a WHERE clause to subset the data so that it includes only the northeast and northwest sectors, the only values that appear in the list box for Sector are All levels, Northeast, and Northwest. Selecting All levels in this case displays rows of the report for only the northeast and northwest sectors. To see data for all the sectors, you must clear the WHERE clause before you open the EXPLORE window.

Selecting values in the list boxes restricts the display in the REPORT window to the values that you select. If you select incompatible values, PROC REPORT returns an error.

Remove Column
Above each list box in the EXPLORE window is a check box labeled Remove Column. Selecting this check box and applying the change removes the column from the REPORT window. You can easily restore the column by clearing the check box and applying that change.


applies the information in the EXPLORE window to the report and closes the window.

applies the information in the EXPLORE window to the report and keeps the window open.

[Rotate columns]
changes the order of the variables displayed in the list boxes. Each variable that can move one column to the left does; the leftmost variable moves to the third column.

closes the EXPLORE window without applying changes made with [APPLY].

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