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The REPORT Procedure


Prompts you for information as you add items to a report.

Specify the PROMPT option when you start PROC REPORT or select PROMPT from the ROPTIONS window. The PROMPTER window opens the next time that you add an item to the report.

The prompter guides you through parts of the windows most commonly used to build a report. As the content of the PROMPTER window changes, the title of the window changes to the name of the window that you would use to perform a task if you were not using the prompter. The title change is to help you begin to associate the windows with their functions and to learn what window to use if you later decide to change something.

If you start PROC REPORT with prompting, the first window gives you a chance to limit the number of observations used during prompting. When you exit the prompter, PROC REPORT removes the limit.


applies the information in the open window to the report and continues the prompting process.

Note:   When you select [OK] from the last prompt window, PROC REPORT removes any limit on the number of observations that it is working with.  [cautionend]

applies the information in the open window to the report and keeps the window open.

returns you to the previous PROMPTER window.

[Exit Prompter]
closes the PROMPTER window without applying any more changes to the report. If you have limited the number of observations to use during prompting, PROC REPORT removes the limit.

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