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The SQL Procedure



Example 1: Creating a Table and Inserting Data into It

Example 2: Creating a Table from a Query's Result

Example 3: Updating Data in a PROC SQL Table

Example 4: Joining Two Tables

Example 5: Combining Two Tables

Example 6: Reporting from DICTIONARY Tables

Example 7: Performing an Outer Join

Example 8: Creating a View from a Query's Result

Example 9: Joining Three Tables

Example 10: Querying an In-Line View

Example 11: Retrieving Values with the SOUNDS-LIKE Operator

Example 12: Joining Two Tables and Calculating a New Value

Example 13: Producing All the Possible Combinations of the Values in a Column

Example 14: Matching Case Rows and Control Rows

Example 15: Counting Missing Values with a SAS Macro

Chapter Contents



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