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The DATASETS Procedure


Deletes one or more indexes associated with the data set specified in the MODIFY statement.

Restriction: Must appear in a MODIFY RUN group

INDEX DELETE index(s) | _ALL_;

Required Arguments

names one or more indexes to delete. The indexes must be on variables in the data set that is named in the preceding MODIFY statement. You can delete simple and composite indexes.

deletes all indexes, except for indexes that are owned by an integrity constraint.

The SAS System uses indexes in the following situations:

When an index is created, it is marked as "owned" by the user, by an integrity constraint, or by both. If an index is owned by both a user and an integrity constraint, the index is not deleted until both an IC DELETE statement and an INDEX DELETE statement are processed.

Note:   You can use the CONTENTS statement to produce a list of all indexes for a data set.  [cautionend]

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