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The OPTIONS Procedure


The OPTIONS procedure lists the current settings of SAS system options. The results are displayed in the SAS log.

SAS system options control how the SAS System formats output, handles files, processes data sets, interacts with the operating environment, and does other tasks that are not specific to a single SAS program or data set. You can change the settings of SAS system options

For information about SAS system options, see the section on SAS system options in SAS Language Reference: Dictionary.

The log that results from running PROC OPTIONS shows both the portable and host systems options, their settings, and short descriptions. Log showing a Partial Listing of SAS System Options shows a partial log that displays the settings of portable options through those that begin with the letter "C."

proc options;

Log showing a Partial Listing of SAS System Options
 1   proc options;
2   run;
    SAS (r) Proprietary Software Release 7.XX.XXXXXXXXXXX

Portable Options:

 NOBATCH           Do not use the batch set of default values for SAS system 
 BINDING=DEFAULT   Controls the binding edge for duplexed output
 BOTTOMMARGIN=     Bottom margin for printed output
 BUFNO=1           Number of buffers for each SAS data set
 BUFSIZE=0         Size of buffer for page of SAS data set
 BYERR             Set the error flag if a null data set is input to the SORT 
 BYLINE            Print the by-line at the beginning of each by-group
 NOCAPS            Do not translate source input to uppercase
 NOCARDIMAGE       Do not process SAS source and data lines as 80-byte records
 CATCACHE=0        Number of SAS catalogs to keep in cache memory
 CBUFNO=0          Number of buffers to use for each SAS catalog
 CENTER            Center SAS procedure output
 NOCHARCODE        Do not use character combinations as substitute for 
                   special characters not on the keyboard
 CLEANUP           Attempt recovery from out-of-resources condition
 NOCMDMAC          Do not support command-style macros
 NOCOLLATE         Do not collate multiple copies of printed output
 COLORPRINTING     Print in color if printer supports color
 COMPRESS=NO       Specifies whether to compress observations in output SAS 
                   data sets
 CONNECTREMOTE=    Remote session ID used by SAS/CONNECT software
 CONNECTSTATUS     Show the current status of a SAS/CONNECT upload or 
                   download transfer
 CONNECTWAIT       Wait for a SAS/CONNECT rsubmit to finish before allowing 
                   further processing to occur
 CONSOLELOG=       Location of console log
 COPIES=1          Number of copies to make when printing
 CPUID             Print CPU information at beginning of log

The Setting of a Single SAS System Option shows a log that PROC OPTIONS produces for a single SAS system option.

options pagesize=60; 
proc options option=pagesize;

The Setting of a Single SAS System Option
1    options pagesize=60;
2    proc options option=pagesize;
3    run;
    SAS (r) Proprietary Software Release 7.XX.XXXXXXXXXXX

 PAGESIZE=60       Number of lines printed per page of output

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