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The CIMPORT Procedure


Data Control Block Characteristics for Mainframe Environments
A common problem when you create or import a transport file under the OS/390 or CMS environments is a failure to specify the correct Data Control Block (DCB) characteristics. When you reference a transport file you must specify the following DCB characteristics:

Note:   A BLKSIZE value of less than 8000 may be more efficient for your storage device in some cases. The BLKSIZE value must be an exact multiple of the LRECL value.  [cautionend]

Another common problem can occur if you use communications software to move files from another environment to OS/390 or CMS. In some cases, the transport file does not have the proper DCB characteristics when it arrives on OS/390 or CMS. If the communications software does not allow you to specify file characteristics, try the following approach for OS/390:

  1. Create a file under OS/390 with the correct DCB characteristics and initialize the file.

  2. Move the transport file from the other environment to the newly created file under OS/390 using binary transfer.

Try this approach for CMS:

  1. Log onto CMS.

  2. Connect to the other operating environment.

  3. Pull the file from the other operating environment.

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