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The TRANTAB Procedure

REPLACE Statement

Replaces characters in a translation table with the values given, starting at the specified position.

Alias: REP
Tip: To save edits, you must issue the SAVE statement.
Featured in: Creating a Translation Table , Editing by Specifying a Decimal Value for Starting Position , and Editing by Using a Quoted Character for Starting Position

REPLACE position value-1<...value-n>;

Required Arguments

specifies the position in a translation table where the replacement is to begin. The editable positions in a translation table begin at position decimal 0 and end at decimal 255. To specify the position, you can

value-1 <...value-n>
is one or more decimal, hexadecimal, or character constants that give the actual value to be put into the table, starting at position. You can also use a mixture of the types of values. That is, you can specify a decimal, a hexadecimal, and a character value in one REPLACE statement. Editing by Specifying a Decimal Value for Starting Position shows a mixture of all three types of values in the REPLACE statement.

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