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The SQL Procedure

CONNECT Statement

Establishes a connection with a DBMS that is supported by SAS/ACCESS software.

Requirement: SAS/ACCESS software is required. For more information on this statement, refer to your SAS/ACCESS documentation.
See also: Connecting to a DBMS Using the SQL Procedure Pass-Through Facility

CONNECT TO dbms-name <AS alias> <(<connect-statement-arguments> <database-connection-arguments>)>;


specifies an alias that has 1 to 32 characters. The keyword AS must precede alias. Some DBMSs allow more than one connection. The optional AS clause enables you to name the connections so that you can refer to them later.

specifies arguments that indicate whether you can make multiple connections, shared or unique connections, and so on to the database. These arguments are optional, but if they are included, they must be enclosed in parentheses.

specifies the DBMS-specific arguments that are needed by PROC SQL to connect to the DBMS. These arguments are optional for most databases, but if they are included, they must be enclosed in parentheses.

identifies the DBMS that you want to connect to (for example, ORACLE or DB2).

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