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The SQL Procedure

IS condition

Tests for a missing value.

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sql-expression IS <NOT> NULL
sql-expression IS <NOT> MISSING

IS NULL and IS MISSING are predicates that test for a missing value. IS NULL and IS MISSING are used in the WHERE, ON, and HAVING expressions. Each predicate resolves to true if the sql-expression's result is missing and false if it is not missing.

SAS stores a numeric missing value as a period (.) and a character missing value as a blank space. Unlike missing values in some versions of SQL, missing values in SAS always appear first in the collating sequence. Therefore, in Boolean and comparison operations, the following expressions resolve to true in a predicate:


The SAS System way of evaluating missing values differs from that of the ANSI Standard for SQL. According to the Standard, these expressions are NULL. See sql-expression for more information on predicates and operators. See PROC SQL and the ANSI Standard for more information on the ANSI Standard.

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