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The PMENU Procedure

Example 2: Collecting User Input in a Dialog Box

Procedure features:
DIALOG statement
TEXT statement option:

This example adds a dialog box to the menus created in Building a Menu Bar for an FSEDIT Application . The dialog box enables the user to use a WHERE clause to subset the SAS data set.

Tasks include


libname proclib 'SAS-data-library';
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proc pmenu c=proclib.menucat;
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   menu project;

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      item 'File' menu=f;
      item 'Edit' menu=e;
      item 'Scroll' menu=s;
      item 'Subset' menu=sub;
      item 'Help' menu=h;
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      menu f;
         item 'Goback' selection=g;
         item 'Save';
         selection g 'end';

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      menu e;
         item 'Cancel';
         item 'Add';
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      menu s;
         item 'Next Obs' selection=n;
         item 'Prev Obs' selection=p;
         item 'Top';
         item 'Bottom';
         selection n 'forward';
         selection p 'backward';
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      menu sub;
         item 'Where' dialog=d1;
         item 'Where Clear';
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      menu h;
         item 'Keys';
         item 'About this application' selection=hlp;
         selection hlp 'sethelp;help';

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      dialog d1 'where @1';
         text #2 @3 'Enter a valid WHERE clause or UNDO';
         text #4 @3 'WHERE ';
         text #4 @10 len=40;

Associating a Menu Bar with an FSEDIT Window
The following SETPMENU command associates the customized menu bar with the FSEDIT window.

setpmenu proclib.menucat.project.pmenu;pmenu on

You can also specify the menu bar on the command line in the FSEDIT session or with a CALL EXECCMD command in SAS Screen Control Language (SCL). Refer to SAS Screen Control Language: Reference for complete documentation on SCL.

See Associating a Menu Bar with an FSEDIT Session for other methods of associating the customized menu bar with the FSEDIT window.
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