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The PMENU Procedure

Example 5: Associating Menus with a FRAME Application

Procedure features:
ITEM statement
MENU statement
Other features: SAS/AF software

This example creates menus for a FRAME entry and gives the steps necessary to associate the menus with a FRAME entry from SAS/AF software.


libname proclib 'SAS-data-library';
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proc pmenu catalog=proclib.menucat;
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   menu frame;

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      item 'File' menu=f;
      item 'Help' menu=h;
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      menu f;
         item 'Cancel';
         item 'End';
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      menu h;
         item 'About the application' selection=a;
         item 'About the keys'   selection=k;

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            selection a 'sethelp;help';
            selection k 'sethelp;help';

Steps to Associate Menus with a FRAME

  1. In the BUILD environment for the FRAME entry, from the menu bar, select

    Properties Window

  2. In the Properties window, select the Value field for the pmenuEntry Attribute Name. The Select An Entry window opens.

  3. In the Select An Entry window, enter the name of the catalog entry that is specified in the PROC PMENU step that creates the menus.

  4. Test the FRAME as follows from the menu bar of the FRAME:

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    Refer to Getting Started with the FRAME Entry: Developing Object-Oriented Applications for more information on SAS programming with FRAME entries.

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