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The REPORT Procedure

Example 9: Writing a Customized Summary on Each Page

Procedure features:
BREAK statement options:
COMPUTE statement arguments:
with a computed variable as report-item
BEFORE break-variable
AFTER break-variable with conditional logic
DEFINE statement options:
LINE statement:
pointer controls
quoted text
repeating a character string
variable values and formats
Data set: GROCERY
Formats: $SCTRFMT., $MGRFMT., and $DEPTFMT.

The report in this example displays a record of one day's sales for each store. The rows are arranged so that all the information about one store is together, and the information for each store begins on a new page. Some variables appear in columns. Others appear only in the page header that identifies the sector and the store's manager.

The header that appears at the top of each page is created with the _PAGE_ argument in the COMPUTE statement.

Profit is a computed variable based on the value of Sales and Department.

The text that appears at the bottom of the page depends on the total of Sales for the store. Only the first two pages of the report appear here.


libname proclib 'SAS-data-library';
options nodate pageno=1 linesize=64 pagesize=30
 Note about code
proc report data=grocery nowd
            headline headskip;

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   title 'Sales for Individual Stores';
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   column sector manager department sales Profit;
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   define sector / group noprint;
   define manager / group noprint;
   define profit / computed format=dollar11.2;
   define sales / analysis sum format=dollar11.2;
   define department / group format=$deptfmt.;
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   compute profit;
      if department='np1' or department='np2' 
         then profit=0.4*sales.sum;
      else profit=0.25*sales.sum;
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    compute before _page_ / left;
      line sector $sctrfmt. ' Sector';
      line 'Store managed by ' manager $mgrfmt.;
      line ' ';
      line ' ';
      line ' ';
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   break after manager / ol summarize page;

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   compute after manager;
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      length text $ 35;
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      if sales.sum lt 500 then
         text='Sales are below the target region.';
      else if sales.sum ge 500 and sales.sum lt 1000 then
         text='Sales are in the target region.';
      else if sales.sum ge 1000 then
         text='Sales exceeded goal!';
      line ' ';
      line text $35.;

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